Transforming Spaces and Empowering Education

Our CSR initiatives in February and March 2023 were centered around infrastructure development. We dedicated our resources to improving vital infrastructure in a therapy unit and primary school located in Trivandrum.

The Government Block Research Center’s speech therapy unit had an urgent requirement for room repair. Recognizing the importance of a conducive environment for therapy, we took the initiative of renovating the room completely. The renovation process included extensive flooring, ceiling work, plastering, and painting. 

After an assessment of the needs of Poozhanad Upper Primary School, Trivandrum, we donated desks and benches, strengthening the school’s ability to provide an enabling environment for teaching and learning. In addition, we undertook crucial ceiling and tile repairs at the school to ensure a safe space for students and staff.

Glimpses from Government Block Research Center and Poozhanad Upper Primary School